Decision Roulette

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You need to make a choice but don't know what to do?

Sometimes it's better to leave everything to chance!

Spin Wheel - Decision Roulette assists you in selecting among the different options provided. You can enter up to 50 options in various roulettes and use them anytime you like. The data is only kept on the device and is not stored in the cloud.

It is free and simple to use, you may use it to choose a restaurant, make a yes or no choice, organize a raffle or build up your own challenges like "spin the bottle", "activities challenge", "truth or dare," "slime challenge," or "crafting challenges". You determine the boundaries! Simply enter your selections and spin the wheel!

In the Spin Wheel - Decision Roulette the outcome is mathematically calculated and selected randomly every time you spin the wheel, no matter how hard or easy the wheel was spun.

Main Decision Roulette Features:

Good luck with your decision making!